Confession of Man

Do men know the truth? Do they know that sin is worthy of death? Do men have excuse to deny the truth of God’s word?

Power of Truth

Is it true that the gospel of Christ is the power of God unto salvation ? Does the word of God have power to convert the sinner to saving faith?

The Bible Poem

Have you ever tried to capture the breadth and depth of the Bible in just a few short paragraphs? Where would you begin? What doctrinal themes would you explore?

Tale of Jonah

Behold within the Bible of a story that it tells: A tale of how God works with man to prove and not compel. Take Jonah for example that on God all life depends. The Lord called him to go and preach that Nineveh repent, But Jonah disobeyed God’s Word and fled...

Scriptures: Sola

God cursed all man with pain of sinful flesh, so God could teach of sin’s dark consequence. God’s ways and thoughts transcend what man can know, and that’s why deep in Man a conscience glows.

Christ shed His blood for sins of every man to spare each soul the pain of one condemned. The Spirit proves that life confers relief, but man must first repent of unbelief …