Doctrines of Men

Do we believe our church communities have fully expounded the Word of God? . . . Do we believe we have fully explicated the details of Christian doctrine? . . . Do we believe there is nothing left to learn? . . . Or do we believe we shall never stop learning?

Suffering with Purpose

Who in their right mind would purposely suffer? After all, suffering causes pain, and pain should be avoided at all costs, right? Wrong, at least logically, for to denounce the purpose of suffering assumes the conclusion that suffering is bad. But is it?

Did you know that the mere existence of suffering is of our own making? That’s right, we all contribute to the causes of suffering. Moreover, depending on how we respond to suffering, we either exacerbate our pain or we experience a beautiful personal transformation.

This commentary identifies the origins of suffering and offers solutions to suffering with purpose.

If you repel at the thought of suffering without hope, this commentary is for you.