The Holy Spirit searches Earth until
He finds someone to test their heart and will.
He shows to man the works that God has done:
Land and seas, plants and beasts, Man, moon and sun.
Through times and seasons miracles abound,
With laws and constants ruling as a crown.

The man commends the wonderful design,

“Oh my!
It’s so refined!
It’s quite sublime!
I’m so impressed; it captivates my mind!”

But then he worships forces it enshrines.

But why?

The Spirit tells him how the earth was made,
But such a thought makes earthy man afraid:

“For if the earth was made by word of God,
His might alone beleaves me shocked and awed;
But if He also judges right from wrong,
I tremble at the thought of things I’ve done.”

The man, depressed, rolls up his flannel sleeves,
With furrowed brow collapses to his knees.

The Holy Ghost corrects him with these words:

“Your fear betrays the things that you have learned:
Creation shows Almighty God is kind;
He’s not the type to trouble humble minds.
If He shall judge your each and every sin,
Then why would He not teach you how to win?”

The man pops up and whirls himself around,
To test the Spirit’s words as rightly sound:

“If God created worlds, including me,
And all His mighty deeds work perfectly,
Then God would surely prove the narrow way,
To keep me safe from wandering astray.”

The Spirit moves to warm his happy heart,
His grace confirming man’s auspicious start;
And then He whispers gently in man’s ears:

“You need to find the only God who cares.”

The man, despairing, bristles at the thought:

“I can’t find Him by which the earth was wrought!”

The Spirit clears his eyes to see abroad,
To see that Man’s a builder just like God;
And into them God’s virtue is indued:
God’s image put in Man to know the truth;
So hearken to the Spirit’s every word,
For men of faith, in God, live unperturbed.

His eyes refocus, visions do subside,
Yet still bedazzled and provoked inside;
So there he stands alone on his front lawn,
To clear his mind before proceeding on.

A woman runs across the empty street:

“Do you need help? You’re stumbling, I see.”

She stuns the man, who has no words to say.
The woman, worried, chooses to delay;
And with a power utters words to weigh,

“In Jesus’ name, for this man, I do pray.”

Then checks his eyes and briskly walks away.

The man unsure of what to make of that,
He contemplates the words she spoke thereat.
The name she mentioned resonates inside:

“Who is this man named Jesus she apprised?”

When off to work, he stops to buy a book:


This man named Jesus Scriptures call the Word,
God sent to Earth proclaiming truth unheard.
His father was a carpenter by trade;
His virgin mother, might of God displayed.

He made the dumb to speak, the blind to see,
The lame to walk, and made the demons flee.
The temple leaders hated His good works,
For He expressed a love that they forsook.

They organized to put His life to death,
Was beat within an inch of His last breath.
They crowned His mangled head with wreath of thorns,
A gruesome symbol tell why He was born.

They nailed Him to the cross, betrayed and bruised:


The sky turned dark with fear on winds of woe;
And then He died, His head bowed slowly low.

The earth shook buildings, spooking all around.
The temple veil was rent from top to ground.
And then the graves of saints begat the dead,
Who woke from sleep and walked around instead.

They wrapped His body, laid it in a tomb,
Put forth a stone to block the hallowed room,
Stood up a watch to keep the site secure
From converts taking Him which they interred.
But on day three the stone just rolled away;
Affrighted guards dispersed in disarray.

Jesus rose! no longer lifeless dead:
Foretold in Scriptures just like Jesus said;
Appeared to men to demonstrate it so;
Rose up to Heaven, making us a home;
Those left behind were never quite the same,
Wise unto Christ, to men no longer sane.

Creator God, the infinite I AM,
Wore sinful flesh to dwell as one of men;
He never sinned, though oft His flesh did tempt;
His love too strong to damn those in contempt.

“Who is this Jesus many call the Christ?”

“Creator God who died to save my life.”

“My unbelief has slandered God’s good name.
My hubris puts His name to open shame.
My life be damned if I the Lord forsake.
To taste His wrath, I surely shall partake.
My heart repents rebellion I have spun,
My pride laid bare beside the Holy One.”

“I’ve hated, lusted, taken good from all.
My selfish actions doom a tragic fall.
Too many sins and victims to surmount,
No act of mine can clear my debt account.
My sins demanding death, my just dessert,
My heart regrets the ways that I have hurt.”

“My sins made victims, both of God and Man;
Each holds my debt and life in his own hand.
Within my hands my sins are contraband;
The penalty is death for one condemned.”

“Sins against God, separation from Him;
Sins against men, separation from them;
Wages of sin makes man without friends.”

“The Lord, my Jesus, Maker of all things,
For sins against Him, pardons blasphemy.”


“Renouncing unbelief.”

“As Savior, Jesus paid the ransom debt,
For sins against all men, died in my stead;
But as the Lord, He conquered sting of death;
And came to life, One risen from the dead.”

“Those are the reasons why God’s word is true.
It’s Him I trust to make my soul renewed.
He’s Maker of the heaven and the earth.
He saves me from all sins that I am worth.
The Ghost of God convinced my mind to see,
That faith in all God’s works shall set me free.”

“Lord Savior, God, I’m asking you today:
Be Lord to me and wash my sins away.
I trust your word and magnify your name.
I’m born again; my demons have been slain.”

The Christ has risen: come to Him today.
Your lonely life shall never be the same.