Words of KJV

What’s the fuss, and much ado?
KJV, too hard to use?
Take a moment, you will glean,
What to know, to learn its scheme.

The next examples, you shall see,
Will help place words, grammatically.

ALL CAP words, that mean the most,
First line stanzas, ante post.

YOU is singular, of subject THOU.
Truly I hope, that you avow,
Good use of time, that thou endow.

Y’All is plural, of subject YE.
Y’all shall one day, bend the knee,
To One who died, that ye be free.

YOU is singular, of object THEE.
If God loves you,
then God loves thee.

YOU is plural, of object YOU.
Jesus died, for all of you,
for every single, one of you.

YOUR is singular, of possessive THY,
But only before, consonants not “y”.
Is blame for sin, your top outcry?
Eschew thy worthless, alibi.

YOUR is singular, of possessive THINE,
But only before, the vowels and “y”.
Your free-will choice, a sign divine.
Thine only chance, to surely shine.

HERE, to this place, is hero HITHER.
Here, to this place, of truth discover.
Come here come here, ye avid truthers.
To all who seek, come hither hither.

THERE, to that place, is thirsty THITHER.
That place over there, for hardened sinners.
If you think that place, is pointless blither.
You might be headed, yonder thither.

WHERE, to which place, is weary WHITHER.
To which place you go, saint or sinner,
Depends on choices, losers winners.
Pick whither or where, but do not dither.

FROM HERE, from this place, is HENCE.
From here on earth, missions commence.
From this here place, there’s no offense.
To win from hence, play God’s defense.

FROM THERE, from that place, is THENCE.
From that lonely place, serves recompense.
From there repayeth, thy life’s expense.
Nothing ever, leaveth thence.

FROM WHERE, from which place, is WHENCE.
From where, from which place, did thou commence?
Matters not whence, thou cometh hither.
Matters what choices, thou maketh hence.