If faith depends on man-made creeds
Or self-promoting righteous deeds,
There’s not a chance I would believe
For trusting these is vanity.

Instead, my faith is not in men,
For truth is not derived of them;
But truth derives from God, alone,
And faith in him secures my hope.

So I am drawn to Christ’s appeal:
The savior of my life revealed,
The object of my faith unveiled,
His sacrificial love prevails.

But faith redounds to no avail
Without the love that faith entails;
For what is faith without good works
If nothing more than empty words.

If faith holds fast to what’s believed
And what’s believed is known by deeds,
Then faith is that which works by love
As Jesus Christ has shown to us.

For Christ believed in God, above,
And proved his faith with dying love;
So if I claim a faith in Christ,
Should works of love not fill my life?