If born alive with spirit dead,
I’m dead to God as just a kid;
Cut off from God, I’m all alone:
With blinded eyes, the truth unknown.

The Scriptures speak a different tale:
God’s wondrous works in grand detail
Are proof of God for all to see,
Revealed to all humanity.

What do I do since God is true?
Should I do more to know him too?
Or do I muff my ears to him,
Lest he confront me ’bout my sin?

I was not born with spirit dead,
For I acknowledge what God said;
That’s why I keep on telling lies
To justify what I devise.

And yet my body’s dead in sin,
Corrupted by a curse within:
From dust of ground and into me,
My flesh condemned by God’s decree.

That’s why I’m tempted when enticed
And drawn away by sin’s delights;
If lust conceives, I go all-in:
Denying truth with every sin.

But God did not abandon me;
It’s him I flee from knowingly;
I’m not inept to seek the Lord,
But love of self I shan’t ignore.