Story of Man

In the beginning was the Word,
Spoke into being heaven ‘n earth.
Living truth to light the way,
Habitats for all to play.

Sun and moon and stars ashine.
Creatures made based on a kind.
Unto Man a special lineage,
Made him into God’s own image.

God told Man in paradise
Words of truth, sustaining life.
But love of God did Man deny,
Believed, instead, the serpent’s lie.

Denying truth, believing lies,
Wannabe gods, immortal, wise.
Cunning fables, righteous rules,
Self-delusions, dying fools.

Time and chance, the seeds of power.
Blooming chaos, all things flower.
Outta nothing rises something,
Oozing goo to yous a coming.

Nature picks both winners, losers.
Not a place for thinkers, choosers.
Echoes of the Big Bang’s ripple,
Causing Man to gamble, tipple.

He thinks, therefore, he knows he can.
Believe it now, and take a stand.
If he can do it, you can too.
Empty boasting never true.

Hopes and visions in his sleep,
To save his life, he tries to keep.
But lust of flesh corrupts the plan,
The tragic life of fallen Man.

Once Man walked the narrow way.
Became proud, and went astray.
Now is cursed with all Creation.
Fell from grace, now desolation.

Curse is mercy from his God.
Warning Man: “Repent this fraud”,
For death takes all who trust the lie.
God’s grace, alone, restores true life.

Only God, who became a man,
Can pay the sins of fallen Man.
Only the Son of God can do,
What men of flesh cannot subdue.

And so He did upon that cross.
The righteous died to save the lost.
But on day three, He rose alive.
The blessed hope of Man revived.

Like Enoch and Elijah too,
Some caught up before it’s thru.

Yet is more that must be done.
Signs portend what is to come.
Men’s hearts failing them for fear,
The final week of years is near.

On the earth distress of nations.
Powers of the heavens shaken.
Skies forbear to give their light,
Turning days to darkest night.

Till brightness pierces every eye,
When He appears above the sky.
Upon a white horse, He shall ride:
It’s judgment day, and none shall hide.

Truth or lies, believe deny.
The choice is yours, to live or die.
Self-righteous works are clever lies.
It’s faith in truth that justifies.

Christ is the way, the truth, and life.
Believe in him, and never die.