With nothing more than will conceived,
God formed the universe complete.
For all of Scriptures do agree,
His will shall prosper as decreed.

But what did God intend for men:
What sort of nature gave he them?
On doctrine many disagree
If wills of men are truly free.

The Bible tells of Man’s design;
God placed his image in their mind:
A moral conscience they retained
That they may know what God proclaims.

But knowing truth is not enough:
God made men free to choose thereof.
By faith received or sin rebuffed,
It’s proof of God’s unfettered love.

For love of God is sacrifice;
No other types of love suffice.
Which type of love compels its grace,
For such a love would bring disgrace.

But thankfully God’s love is pure,
As proven by what he endures,
That men who once believed a lie
May now confirm what they denied.

So on the path to journey’s end,
The light of God shines forth again,
Their mind renewed by words of truth,
Directing men which way to choose.

The Savior’s work they glorify;
The lusts of flesh they mortify;
And since men have become redeemed,
Another’s life they now esteem.

When freely choosing their intent,
Men trust the Lord with its effect;
And keeping to the pilgrim’s way,
Their feet shall never go astray.

In suffering the curse of flesh,
A faithful heart endures distress,
For patience strengthens every soul
That men of faith can be made whole.

And when God calls men home to him,
He lifts the curse of flesh in them
That love for others once constrained
May overflow and never wane.

Not once in mankind’s history
Shall men incur such injury
To compromise a freewill choice
To hear and know and heed God’s voice.

The truth of God shall never fail,
For its authority prevails.
Regardless of the choice of men,
The truth of God forever stands.

If men obey what truth commands,
They reap the goodness truth demands.
If men defy what truth commends,
They suffer evil truth portends.

The power of the truth is this:
It’s always working to convince.
The power of the truth is not
Compelling men to love their God.