Words and Works

When time began there was the Word,
Declaring truth that it be heard;
And by his words he made all things,
His loving works for all to see.

General Revelation

God also made men just like him,
His breath of life gave unto them:
In image and in likeness formed,
In spirit and in flesh adorned,
To think and do that which is good,
By words and works in truth secured.

When God had finished making men,
He sent them forth to represent
His agency throughout the land.

And for that cause did God make men,
To know and fellowship with him:
To know the truth of God’s own words,
Within their conscience clearly heard;
And by his loving works perceived,
That by these things men could believe.

Endowed with such divine array,
There’s no excuse when men complain:

“I don’t believe that God exists;
Provide the proofs if you insist!”

And that’s precisely what God did,
But every proof their lies forbid!

Abiding Love

As agents representing God,
Men ought to love as God has taught:
To love the Lord in spirit’s words
And men of flesh with loving works;
For God is spirit, men are flesh,
And both of them deserve respect.

So every word of spirit moved
And every work of flesh pursued
Shall represent God’s love infused.

For God commands to all of men
To love in spirit and in flesh,
With truth upholding each of them.

Observe the greatest of commands:
The truth of love forever stands.

When men believe God’s witness of
His words of truth and works of love,
Then men of faith abide in him;
The truth of God abides in them.

From Adam Eve and Noah thru,
Both Abraham and Moses too,
Beyond the cross or pentecost,
Or book of Revelation’s plot,
A faith by love is true to God,
Transforming men of low regard:
Without beginning, never ends,
An everlasting love, Amen.

Special Revelation

In Bethlehem a Savior’s birth,
The Word of God came down to earth:
In likeness of men’s sinful flesh
But God’s own spirit he possessed.

His flesh was tempted most severe;
His loving spirit persevered
And proved his love for all of men,
So he could save them from their sin;
But for his love men hated him,
For thru his love he proved their sin.

Behold a prophecy fulfilled,
But into few its words distill;
The author of salvation sealed,
With many drawn to His appeal;
The object of our faith unveiled,
Whose sacrificial love prevails;
The Son of God once thought surreal
Came unto us, God’s Word revealed.

Sin and Death

When by the spirit men suppress
The truth convicts them unto death;
And in their death are men condemned,
So God withdraws his grace from them.

Because of sin all flesh is cursed:
The goodness of the land reversed.
God cursed the dust upon the ground,
Corrupting plants from all around,
Which when consumed afflicted flesh:
Disease dysfunction even death.

Beware the state of men made worse;
What once was good is now perverse:
Their flesh made weak by Adam’s works,
Deprived the bounties of God’s works.

When men promote the cause of sin,
Then God subjects their spirits hence:
Concealing further truth from them,
The words of God restricted thence;
And so the spirits of such men
Begin to think as fools condemned.

If men should die in lying ways,
Then God dissolves their flesh away;
He executes both body soul,
For flesh no longer has a role:
And into outer darkness thrown,
Their spirits evermore alone.

God torments them with judging words,
Denies them pleasures of his works;
And men become as spirit gods,
Where matter space and time forgot.

In darkness death is made complete:
God’s words and works no longer sweet.

Faith and Life

When men by faith repent their sin,
Then God returns again to them:
By mercy he forgives the sin
Of unbelief rejecting him;
By grace he cleanses every sin
Or hateful work done unto men;
By truth his words renew their minds,
Their spirit’s words again refined;
God’s works provoke a strong desire,
For godly works that last thru fire.

Of faith and hope and charity,
Thru such as these are men set free.

If men of faith succumb to death,
Then God transforms corrupted flesh;
The dead in Christ shall rise alive:
The flesh of body-soul revived;
The spirit free to fully love,
As one indwelt by God above.

And men shall live as those preferred,
Who learn the truth of God’s own words;
And share the pleasures of his works,
Indulging Heaven’s sweet desserts.

In glory life is made complete:
God’s words and works restored replete.