What tempted Eve to overreach
A rule that meant so much:
Exaggerating ‘do not eat’
By adding ‘do not touch’?

Can we suppose that Eve despaired
The prospect of her death:
Enticing Satan to ensnare
A woman in distress?

Could fear of death embolden Eve
To do what she should not:
Explaining why she would believe
Against what she was taught?

Could Eve somehow become a god,
To live and never die;
And since the fruit had nothing odd,
The risk was worth a try?

Perhaps to you this makes no sense
For life ‘was very good’,
But don’t you know the law arouses
Wicked things you could?

Imagine every fruit you eat
Could be the last consumed:
For if by one makes death complete,
Why not by others too?

Could fear of death embolden you
To do what Eve did, too?

Reject the lies and guard the truth,
God’s Word shall see you thru.