My Lord and my Savior,
I praise you today
For manyfold blessings
Bestowed by thy grace.

My son is so special;
He’s one of a kind:
A more giving young man
No other can find.

A pilot of aircraft and
Self-taught musician,
Who’s busy preparing his
Sacred commission.

And so for my son
I entreat thee today
To find him a wife
Who will walk in this way:

An adventurous spirit
And kind-hearted soul,
Committed to making
Another flesh whole;

Blessing her husband
With happy young children
And raising them up
With a love of God’s wisdom;

Keeping of healthy
Traditional foods and
Making good meals that
Strong bodies can use;

Hiking the mountains,
Camping by streams,
And grilling the trout
On the fire with ease;

Loving God’s word
With a passion to teach
By composing of poems
And songs that we sing.

I know it’s alot
To ask for my son,
But no other is fit for
The race to be run.

So I thank thee, my Father,
For works thou hast done;
And I thank thee for doing
This work now begun.