To my special friend,

Let me extol what distinguishes you:
The reason for which I am drawn unto you.
It’s not for the doctrines you claim to be true;
It’s because of your zeal to discover the truth.
By searching the Scriptures for positive proof,
You’re forced to reflect on which option to choose.

You cherish the pleasures of all things refined;
So imagine the beauty of fractal design:
Divinely inspired, a work so sublime,
A creation attesting an infinite mind.

Now consider the wonders of God’s holy word:
At low resolution the truth is a blur;
At high resolution distinctions emerge:
One becomes two, and two becomes four;
With more resolution, there’s much to explore.

Knowledge is greater than simply one thing:
For once it’s received, there is more to be gleaned.
By dismissing a truth that is already shown,
Additional truth may get harder to know;
By accepting the wonders of what God reveals,
Additional truth is no longer concealed.

You seek and you gather and tie things together;
But truth, most refined, is all that should matter.
Keep testing those doctrines you think to be true;
Be open to learning additional truth.
And I, for myself, must practice this too,
For the Spirit doth worketh in me just like you.

Until we share our thoughts again,
May God bless you, my special friend.