Imagine all I know undone:
No rising setting glowing sun;
No starry skies, no midnight moon;
No gentle breeze, no morning dew;
No mountain highs, no valley lows;
No winding river water flows;
No giant trees, no grasses blown;
No sandy dunes, no fluffy snow;
No birds up to the skies abound;
No schools of fishes swimming ’round;
No horses running ‘cross the plains;
No lions, bears, or wild game;
No day or night to pass the time;
No ground to rest my weary spine;
No sights, no sounds;
No smells, no tastes;
Forgotten touch of warm embrace.
And them, I love, left far behind:
I’m all alone outside of time.

But wait! There’s more! No less is true:
The feel of pain long overdue;
Denied the joy of gaping yawn;
My body, ash, a help bygone;
No hands to cling, no arms to swing;
No feet to flee, no running free;
No eyes to see, no ears to hear;
Not even nares to whiff the air;
No mouth to speak, no nodding head;
No means to do what I intend.
The nothing left inspires dread,
Dissolving dreams of one now dead.

My life’s collage, regrets enshrined:
But no new thing attends my mind.
The whats, the hows, and whys forgot:
My mind once sane is all but lost.

So what survives my earthly reign?
A disembodied spirit’s pain,
Reserved alone, in misery;
A barren soul’s insanity.

The sting of death denies to man
The Word of God, His wondrous works,
And fellow men.

Do not end up alone, my friend.
It’s not too late unless you’re dead.

So choose the way, the truth, and life.
Believe in Christ and never die.