God cursed all man with pain of sinful flesh
So God could teach of sin’s dark consequence.

God’s ways and thoughts transcend what man can know,
And that’s why deep in man a conscience glows.

Christ shed His blood for sins of every man
To spare each soul the pain of one condemned.

The Spirit proves that life confers relief,
But man must first repent of unbelief.

Tho’ man is free to choose what he accedes,
It’s God that proves His Word by mighty deeds.

So man shall never undermine the King,
For God reserves all power in decrees.

So why does man oppose what God has taught?
Too proud, he won’t submit to what he ought.

Is not this proof of man subverting God?
It would if man evades what God shall wrought.

So trust in what the Scriptures have foretold:
Fear Him that kills the body and the soul.

Is man preserved secure once he is saved?
It all depends on faith that he maintains.

The sower of the seeds explains the way:
A faith of loving works shall not dismay.

And yes it’s true the Holy Spirit seals,
For He foreknows what faithful hearts reveal.

So how does one of faith produce good works?
His love for others overcomes the curse.

Then those, by grace thru faith once justified,
Shall one day meet the Maker glorified.

And then, without the curse of painful flesh,
Shall serve both God and man with love afresh.