Who am I?

I’m a baby born to mother.
I’m a son looks like his father.
A big brother, but a bother.
How I miss my little brother.

Three year letter, straight A student:
Toll on health was less than prudent.
Wasn’t good how much I “loved” her,
Broken heart did not recover.

Many colleges attended,
Many more than was intended.
Two degrees, if only counting
Every class, but one discounting.

Married to a big mistake;
Baby born at Heaven’s gate.
Mommy’s plot to leave me too,
Grad school home to empty room.

Met the one to trust forever,
On a journey, us together.
Ups and downs, it’s both that matter.
Broken heart, no longer shattered.

Was a father, now grandfather.
Wife and children like no other.
Wife I love, and much admire.
Kids, the plan of God aspire.

Life is hard with pains remaining;
Grace of God is what sustains me.
Who am I, you seek inquiring?
Who I am: a soul transpiring.

— Natagan